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  • 10 Nov 2015 14:00 | Deleted user

    Mobycon, international leader in sustainable traffic, transport and integrated mobility was awarded the Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award 2015.

    The award was presented by H.E. Ms. Sabine Nölke, the recently appointed Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands, to Mobycon Founder and CEO Mr.Johan Diepens at the annual NCCC Luncheon. “Our countries are joined by a rich history of collaboration and together we can shape the future of urban mobility and livable cities” said Diepens, “This award is a great honor and highlights the efforts of the entire team”.

    Diepens has helped shape mobility patterns in Holland for nearly 30 years. His expertise in mobility, combined with a sound business sense, have served as the foundation for Mobycon success in Canada.

    With a bold vision to use a “Dutch Approach” to inspire Canadian cities can be less car dependent and to embrace a range of more active modes, Mobycon is showing that change is possible. While Mobycon has been involved in an increasing number of bicycle related projects there is also increasing demand around traffic safety, traffic calming, shared space, Vision Zero and study tours to the Netherlands.

    By hiring talented Canadian-based staff with broad mobility expertise, and connections to a national network, Mobycon has gained a unique position as a Dutch research and consulting company in Canada. Team members on both sides of the ocean overcome barriers of distance and time-zones through a series of virtual tools that minimize the need for travel and maximize idea sharing and collaboration with clients and partners.

    The award is the result of the overall efforts in Canada since Mobycon began working there in 2011. Among the projects Mobycon has been involved in:
    • Training and Coaching - Bicycle Friendly Cities and intersection and road design.
    • Maximizing School Safety – Traffic calming & providing safer routes for children.
    • Stakeholder Process – Partnering to create broadened support for new cycle accessibility and enhanced urban quality.
    • Preliminary Design – Accommodating increased cycling and demonstrating the Dutch approach to road and intersection design.
    • Design Peer Review – Expert reviewer resulting in innovative, high quality transport routes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians.
    • Cycling Network Analysis and Design – Partnering to analyze and develop a comprehensive and inclusive cycling network.
    About Mobycon
    Mobycon is a leader in traffic transport and integrated mobility. Its multidisciplinary team has been delivering mobility products and consulting services that support the creation of healthy, connected and liveable communities for nearly 30 years. Mobycon is based in Delft, The Netherlands and has recently opened a new North American office in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • 11 Mar 2015 21:51 | Deleted user

    Trade Negotiations and Agreements

    Canada and the EU have a long history of economic cooperation. As an integrated block, the EU represents Canada's second largest trading partner in goods and services. Bilateral economic relations with the EU are very important to Canada, and this economic relationship is a high priority for the Government of Canada. Canada and the EU are working bilaterally to advance Canada-EU economic integration and facilitate trade and investment flows. The relationship is built on a base of concluded agreements and ongoing initiatives and negotiations.

    Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

    On 18 October 2013, Prime Minister Harper and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced an agreement in principle on a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). CETA is, by far, Canada's most ambitious trade initiative. Indeed, it is deeper in ambition and broader in scope than the historic North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Thedeclaration notes that this agreement marks the start of a new, stronger chapter in the long-standing partnership between the EU and Canada.

  • 12 Nov 2014 22:38 | Deleted user

    Northland Power Inc. ("Northland") is an international producer of wind, solar, and thermal power in business for over 25 years, was named Business of the Year by the Netherlands-Canadian Chamber of Commerce at its annual luncheon in the Hague on November 12, 2014.

    The award recognizes companies who have advanced the relationship between Canada and the Netherlands. Northland was selected from a shortlist of three companies based on its role as majority equity shareholder in Gemini, a 600MW offshore wind project located approximately 85 kilometres off the coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea.

    “It is an honour to receive this award,” said John Brace, CEO of Northland Power. “Our involvement in Gemini illustrates the mutual benefits that can result from collaboration between our two countries. We look forward to having a significant and positive long-term impact on the Netherlands economy while creating jobs and helping the Netherlands achieve its renewable energy goals. I would like to thank the governments of both Canada and the Netherlands for their support, which has been fundamental to the project’s success.

    Said James Lambert, Canada’s Ambassador to the Netherlands: “As Ambassador, I am delighted with the choice of Northland Power for this award. The company demonstrates the power of partnership by enabling Canada’s largest-ever investment in the Netherlands, which will help to meet Dutch electricity needs with green energy, CO2 reductions and Canadian know-how.”


    Northland is an independent power producer founded in 1987, and publicly traded since 1997. Northland develops, builds, owns and operates facilities that produce 'clean' (natural gas) and 'green' (wind, solar, and hydro) energy, providing sustainable long-term value to shareholders, stakeholders, and host communities.

    The company owns or has a net economic interest in 1,345 MW of operating generating capacity; 640 MW (400 MW net to Northland) of generating capacity under construction, including a 60% equity stake in Gemini, a 600 MW (360 MW net to Northland) offshore wind project in the North Sea near the Netherlands; and 456 MW (348 MW net to Northland) of projects with awarded power contracts under advanced development, including an 85% equity stake in Nordsee One, a 332 MW (282 MW net to Northland) offshore wind project in the North Sea near Germany. Northland's cash flows are diversified over four geographically separate regions and regulatory jurisdictions in Canada and Europe. Northland's common shares, Series 1 and Series 3 preferred shares and convertible debentures trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols NPI, NPI.PR.A, NPI.PR.C, NPI.DB.A and NPI.DB.B, respectively.

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