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    • 15 Jan 2020
    • 15 Mar 2020
    • den Haag, Netherlands

    Target Audience: Canadian Cyber, Defense, and Security Technologies exporters that have the Netherlands and Europe as a priority to expand and want to accelerate their first sales cycle in this market.
    Sector: Information and communications technologies

    The Canada-Netherlands Cyber and Security Technologies Soft Landing Platformprovides an opportunity for Canadian firms to work at the HSD Campus – the national innovation centre for security in the City of The Hague for a period of up to three months (shorter is also possible). By participating in the program, firms have access to key resources as well as valuable mentorship from InnovationQuarter, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, industry leaders and HSD Office to build a strong regional network in the cyber and security market and make strategic connections.

    Ultimately, the platform offers a low risk entry trial to Canadian companies entering a new international market, accessing the resources they need to more readily tap into commercial opportunities. We aim to connect you with new partners, closing new deals, and possibly setting up a permanent presence here.

    The Netherlands is an important "gateway" for Canadian firms interested in doing business in Europe. Therefore, this initiative promotes exporting, foreign investment but also innovation collaboration between Canada and the Netherlands.

    Register to attend:

    Deadline for submitting applications for this round is December 31, 2019. However, more programs will be organised so contact trade commissioner, Caroline Bolduc to apply.

    Why your organization should participate:

    • Gain insights and market intelligence
    • Increase visibility of your product or service
    • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
    • Participate in networking events
    • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
    • Pitch your product /service to selected audiences
    • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

    Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

    Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

    • Business-to-business meetings
    • Networking event
    • Seminar
    • Site visits

    Trade Commissioner, Caroline Bolducspecializes in Science, Technology and Innovation for the Dutch market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

    • 29 Jan 2020
    • 15:30 - 19:45
    • Den Haag

    Wilt u internationaal ondernemen of uw internationale activiteiten verder uitbreiden? En vraagt u zich af hoe u dat aanpakt en waar u begint? Kom dan op woensdag 29 januari 2020 naar de Bedrijvenmiddag van de Ambassadeursconferentie in Den Haag en stel uw vragen aan Nederlandse ambassadeurs.

    De ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken zijn er voor Nederlandse ondernemers met ambities in het buitenland.

    Voor Nederlandse ondernemers, wereldwijd

    Op de Bedrijvenmiddag staan meer dan 150 Nederlandse ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal klaar om uw internationale handelsmogelijkheden te verkennen. Zij vertegenwoordigen de Nederlandse belangen wereldwijd en beschikken over een groot internationaal en diplomatiek netwerk. Zij kennen de lokale markt en zijn experts op het gebied van de economische ontwikkelingen.

    De Bedrijvenmiddag is onderdeel van de Ambassadeursconferentie, die het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken jaarlijks organiseert voor ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal.

    Speeddates en informatiemarkt

    Tijdens de Bedrijvenmiddag kunt u maximaal 4 korte een-op-eengesprekken voeren met de ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal.

    Naast het speeddateprogramma zijn er adviseurs aanwezig van onder meer het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, de Rijksdienst van Ondernemend Nederland (RVO.nl), Netherlands in Business, Trade & Innovate NL, Brexit, NL Exporteert, Dubai Expo 2020, Atradius DSB en NL Branding, om u van informatie te voorzien.

    Een overzicht van alle Nederlandse ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal vindt u op de website van Nederland Wereldwijd.


    De Bedrijvenmiddag wordt afgesloten met een netwerkreceptie. Hier ontmoet u collega-ondernemers, handelsbevorderende organisaties, netwerkpartners en de aanwezige ambassadeurs en consuls-generaal.

    Aanmelden en kosten

    Meld u aan vóór maandag 20 januari 2020. Let op: het aantal plaatsen is beperkt en onder voorbehoud. Bij aanmelding kunt u maximaal 4 gesprekken per bedrijf aanvragen.

    Deelname is gratis. Bij afwezigheid zonder afmelding brengen wij € 225 in rekening.

    Meer weten?

    Voor uw kansen op de buitenlandse markt downloadt u de gratis app NL exporteert in de App Store (iOS) of in de Google Play Store.

    Meer informatie over de dienstverlening en ondersteuning van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken bij internationaal zakendoen vindt u op de website Internationaal Ondernemen van RVO.nl.

    Heeft u nog vragen? Neem dan contact op met RVO.nl:
    E: klantcontact@rvo.nl
    T: 088 042 42 42


    Het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken organiseert de Bedrijvenmiddag in samenwerking met de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO.nl), VNO-NCW en MKB-Nederland.

    • 10 Feb 2020
    • 13 Feb 2020
    • Vancouver, Canada

    Join the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) for GLOBE 2020 ─ North America's largest and longest-running sustainability conference, routinely attracting over 10,000 guests from around the world. GLOBE 2020 will focus on the global climate, with a laser focus on impact, action and outcomes. This year, the event will be comprised of a Forum (conference), an Innovation Showcase (tradeshow) and GLOBE Exchange (a B2B matchmaking event): 

    • GLOBE Exchange (February 10): GLOBE Exchange is a one-day, B2B match-making event held prior to the official start of the conference. Attendees participating in GLOBE Exchange will have access to B2B activities designed to connect them to investors, cleantech innovators and talent.
    • Innovation Showcase (February 11-12): Coupled with the GLOBE Forum, the Innovation Showcase is an international exhibition that features cleantech companies showcasing their products and services to buyers and investors.
    • GLOBE Forum (February 11-13): GLOBE Forum is a sustainability conference that attracts over 17,000 visitors from around the world. The GLOBE Forum in 2020 will feature the following themes: Climate Crisis; Sustainability as Strategy; Energy Transformation; Circular Economy and Mobilizing Capital. 

    GLOBE 2020 will bring together people from diverse sectors across the economy, leading to unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet corporate executives, strategic investors, cleantech entrepreneurs, young trailblazers and government leaders. The TCS will participate with incoming Trade Commissioners from around the world as well as representatives from Export Development Canada (EDC), Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and other partner organizations as part of Trade Team Canada.

    Why your organization should participate:

    • Compare your product/service with international competitors
    • Gain insights and market intelligence
    • Increase visibility of your product or service
    • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
    • Participate in networking events
    • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
    • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

    Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

    Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

    • Business-to-business meetings
    • Networking event
    • Pavilion/exhibit
    • Seminar

    The Trade Commissioner, Jenny Karnjanavijaya, specializes in the clean technologies sector from the TCS Regional Office in Vancouver, British Columbia. She can provide information on this and other events as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

    • 12 Feb 2020
    • 13 Feb 2020
    • De Doelen ICC, Schouwburgplein 50, Rotterdam

    Global Investor Forum


    The Global Investor Forum facilitates private capital match with promising investment-ready Life Sciences, MedTech, E-health and AI start-ups, scale-ups and tech transfer opportunities. The investor forum creates a powerful network of leading biomed entrepreneurs, formal and informal investors, physician key-opinion leaders and innovation executives, offering an excellent platform for leading investors, start-up founders, TTO’s and CEO’s of innovative companies to discuss investment opportunities, to expand and strengthen business network for future partnerships. 

    The two-day program will offer 30+ start-up companies, scale-up companies and TTO’s the possibility to present their innovation to the audience and to connect one-on-one with investors. The first day will be concluded with a walking dinner for all participants. The second day will be concluded with a special VIP & CEO-Investor Dinner, where investors and entrepreneurs can network in an exclusive setting.


    → Meet leading investors and entrepreneurs in Health & Life Sciences
    → Explore investment opportunities
    → Increase your INSIGHTS
    → Connect with leaders in science and industry

    Programme Day 1
    • 100+ attendees
    • 30+ pitches by biotech, MedTech, digital health & Al start-ups
    • Walking networking dinner for all attendees
    • Special CEO-Wanted session
    Programme Day 2
    • 800+ conference attendees
    • Prescheduled 1-on-1 meetings between investors and entrepeneurs
    • 20+ sessions and 65+ speakers
    • Includes exclusive VIP & CEO-Investor Dinner

    The InnovationQuarter Capital team is also present during Innovation4Health and is to be booked via one to one meetings via Meet The Investor.


    Website: https://www.innovationforhealth.nl/gif.html
    • 10 Mar 2020
    • 12 Mar 2020
    • Pathé Nijmegen

    Health Valley Event 2020 Njmegen is the biggest edition to date and is more international than ever!

    Explore what the healthcare of tomorrow will look like and reflect on today’s challenges in the three-day programme. What does this number one healthcare innovation event of the Netherlands have to offer you? 

    • 10 March: Meet & Match the Region: an international tour through the region to hotspots of your choice with great healthcare innovations followed by a matchmaking dinner.
    • 11 March: Exploring Life Sciences & Medtech: international programme with plenary top speakers, theme sessions, start-up pitches, Rockstart’s Demo Day, international projects, matchmaking activities and a dynamic exhibition floor & Living Lab.
    • 12 March: Taking care of future health: focus on tomorrow's (health)care & Digital Health. Keynote programme and various parallel sessions will be in English.

    Why your organization should participate: 

    • Compare your product/service with international competitors
    • Gain insights and market intelligence
    • Increase visibility of your product or service
    • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners

    The Trade Commissioner Service will be organizingBusiness-to-business meetingsCaroline Bolduc (caroline.bolduc@international.gc.ca) is specialized in the Science and Technology Innovation sector for the Dutch market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advise on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

    • 21 Apr 2020
    • 24 Apr 2020
    • RAI, Amsterdam

    Target Audience: For-profit SMEs incorporated in Canada. They should have previous experience in commercializing technology and the capacity to co-develop technology with Dutch partners
    Sector: Automotive, information and communications technologies

    Are you planning to attend Intertraffic 2020 – the largest event for traffic professionals in the world? To align with this opportunity, the Embassy of Canada in The Netherlands is organizing a Canadian Smart Mobility R&D Mission on 21-24 April, 2020 in Amsterdam.

    The smart mobility sector is a key economic driver in both Canada and The Netherlands. With their strong R&D expertise and capacity in the sector, Canadian companies are well positioned to partner with leading Dutch companies and R&D centers to increase their global competitiveness and access new markets. The mission will focus on introducing Canadian SMEs to potential Dutch partners for industrial R&D collaboration.

    Register to take part in the mission by contacting trade commissioner, Caroline Bolduc to request an application form. 

    For funding information consult the CanExport Innovation website.

    Why your organization should participate:

    • Gain insights and market intelligence
    • Increase visibility of your product or service
    • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
    • Participate in networking events
    • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
    • Pitch your product /service to selected audiences
    • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

    Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

    Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

    • Business-to-business meetings
    • Networking event
    • Seminar
    • Site visits

    Trade Commissioner, Caroline Bolduc specializes in Science, Technology and Innovation for the Dutch market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

    • 23 Apr 2020
    • 24 Apr 2020
    • RoboHouse, Delft

    RoboCrops is a key event that seeks to accelerate the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture with hackathons, presentations and matchmaking. Global leaders in the field of robotics in this sector will be gathering in the Netherlands on 23 and 24 April for the first edition.

    The annual event brings high-tech companies and universities together with growers and investors in the Westland and Delft. Professionals and students will be challenged to the limit in the extensive programme packed with hackathons, informative sessions and matchmaking which are taking place simultaneously at World Horti Center Naaldwijk and RoboHouse/TU Delft.

    Accelerating Robotics

    The aim of RoboCrops is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. RoboCrops therefore focuses on both the hardware – sensors, robot arms, grippers, autonomous vehicles – and the decision-supporting software required to control the robots. Robots or robot components can be classified into three areas during RoboCrops. These are “Sense” (sensors with which the robot observes the environment), “Think” (processing the data from sensors, often using Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality) and “Act” (performing an action, such as cutting leaves or picking vegetables or cut flowers).

    Growers, Tech Companies and Students

    Growers can attend a programme at World Horti Center on 23 April which will provide them with an extensive and in-depth presentation of the latest developments in robotics for greenhouse horticulture. Tech companies and universities will be able to demonstrate what the technical possibilities and challenges are on 24 April.

    On both days students will be working in RoboHouse in Delft during a major hackathon organised by TU Delft and WUR. During that hackathon they will apply their expertise to various challenges, and thereby help accelerate developments in the field of robotics. On 24 April they will be pitching their hacks to a professional jury at World Horti Center. The programme also provides opportunities for matchmaking between various parties.


    RoboCrops is an initiative by InnovationQuarter, Province of Zuid-Holland, World Horti Center, TU Delft, Greenport West-Holland and RoboHouse Delft.
    For more information please contact info@robocrops.tech.

    • 02 May 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 16 May 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Goesbeek Canadian War Cemetery

    Liberation and remembrance activities for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the eastern part of the Netherlands will take place in Groesbeek from 2 to 16 May 2020.

    During the event called "Faces of Groesbeek", photos will be placed at the graves of the Canadian Soldiers for which Faces To Graves already has a photo. The opening ceremony will take place in the afternoon of 2 May (TBC).

    If you have a photo or information about one of the soldiers buried at Groesbeek, please contact: info@facestograves.nl

    In order to make this event possible, you can take part in the ‘Donate a photo’ promotion. €10 or $15 for one photo, and deposit your contribution as follows:
    IBAN: NL78 ABNA 0592 2443 93
    BIC/Swift: ABNANL2A
    Quoting "May 2020 NCCC"

    For more information, visit https://www.facestograves.nl/

    • 23 Jul 2020
    • 25 Jul 2020
    • Enercare Center, Toronto

    MeatEx Canada, as the only specialized trade fair dedicated to the meat industry in Toronto, is offering up a complete range of meat products, meat-related machinery, equipment and technology, which meet the following needs: MEAT PRODUCING,  MEAT PROCESSING,  MEAT RETAILING,  MEAT SERVICE

    AT MeatEx Canada, thanks to our clear vision and well-defined strategies, everything revolves around the most valuable of all foodstuffs: MEAT. For three days, the most important ways the meat industry is moving into the future will be highlighted in this exhibition.

    MeatEx is the confluence of industry and product. The whole chain of production, packaging, distribution, warehousing, and sales of red meat, poultry, seafood, and processed meat products will be presented in this fair. From high tech processing facilities to the newest packaging trends and food safety to the growing expectations of meat quality, the exhibitors will be showcasing innovative solutions to the demands of the meat-processing industry and the butchers’ trade.

    Canada's slaughtering and meat-processing sector comprises livestock slaughter and carcass dressing, secondary processors that manufacture and package meat products for retail sale, and purveyors that prepare portion-ready cuts for hotel, restaurant and institutional food service. Products include fresh, chilled or frozen meats and edible offal (i.e. organ meats); cured meats; fresh and cooked sausage; canned meat preparations; animal oils and fats; and products such as bone and meat meal. Meat processing is one of Canada's largest single manufacturing industries and the largest employer in the food-manufacturing group. It was among the earliest food industries to develop mass production technologies geared toward international markets.

    This exhibition will be the foremost innovation platform to bring together all key international players from the meat industry, retail trade and butcher's trade in Toronto.

    For more information, visit www.MeatExCanada.com

    • 05 Oct 2020
    • 07 Oct 2020
    • Toronto, Canada

    Canada hosts leading medical technology conference

    North America’s largest medical technology conference, The MedTech Conference, will bring more than 1,400 companies and 3,000 delegates from 40 countries to Toronto from October 5‑7, 2020. This marks the first time the conference will be held outside of the United States.

    Toronto city

    “This is a strong vote of confidence from U.S. industry representatives and a critical opportunity to showcase Canada’s leadership in medical technology,” says Allan Edwards, Trade Commissioner and Industry Liaison (Medical Technologies) at Global Affairs Canada.

    Canada has the eighth largest medical technology industry in the world, valued at US $6.8 billion and comprising more than 1,500 companies. Toronto sits at the midpoint of North America’s second largest life sciences corridor and is home to 16 of the world’s top 25 medical technology companies, making it a strategic choice for the 2020 MedTech Conference.

    “This is an opportunity to highlight the tremendous things happening in the Canadian medtech marketplace—the world‑class R&D, advanced manufacturing, innovative start‑up scene—and to really show the world that Canada is one of the best places for medtech investment and research,” says Brian Lewis, President and CEO of MedTech Canada. “For companies looking to grow their business, explore partnerships or find investment opportunities, the level of access cannot be understated.”

    October 5‑7, 2020

    Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St. W., Toronto, Ontario

    Who should attend
    Representatives from the medical technology industry, including CEOs, executive management, regulatory affairs, legal, healthcare compliance, sales and government relations.

    Registration and more information
    Website: themedtechconference.com
    Email: conferenceinfo@advamed.org

    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will be on hand to make warm introductions to potential international partners and facilitate B2B meetings. Attendees can choose from more than 100 sessions and presentations delivered by close to 400 speakers.

    “The conference agenda is packed with speeches and panels led by industry experts speaking about regulatory changes worldwide, new technological synergies, marketing strategies and any other important global developments,” adds Edwards.

    Montreal‑based digital health firm Chronometriq attends MedTech every year to generate sales leads and meet partners. Founded in 2012, Chronometriq has developed technology platforms that improve access to healthcare, reduce wait times and help clinics operate more efficiently at lower cost.

    Chronometriq is expanding in the U.S. thanks to its participation in the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston and its partnership with the U.S. healthcare data giant Ellkay. The company recently raised $20 million in series B funding to fuel growth in North America and beyond.

    “We started out as five guys in a garage, so our growth has been about building partnerships with big companies,” says Rem Richard, Head of Growth and Co‑Founder at Chronometriq. “MedTech gives us the opportunity to talk to big players and showcase our products. It has a huge return on investment for us.”

    “It’s great that they’re holding the next MedTech in Toronto. The quality of Canadian healthcare start‑ups is certainly at the international level,” says Richard. “MedTech is an excellent opportunity for international investors to spot promising Canadian companies. The event promises to be mutually beneficial for companies across Canada, the U.S. and beyond.”

    • 01 Apr 2022
    • 31 Oct 2022

    Expo 2022 Floriade Almere will be the 7th International Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands. For six months, the attention to the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ will be focused on the cities of the future. Visitors will have a unique and meaningful experience: during the expo they will be invited to ‘explore, touch and change’.

    This expo will be the start of a new city district close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands called Almere. Almost everything that will be built for the exhibition will become a permanent part of the legacy of Almere. The structures will remain and become part of the community for future activities.

    The Earth has seven billion inhabitants and growing, and more than fifty percent live in cities. By 2050, this percentage will have increased to nearly seventy percent. With continued and relentless urbanisation, we have no option but to look for new ways to keep our cities safe, healthy and attractive and to find a better balance between ‘grey’ and ‘green’ infrastructure. We invite the world to join us and to contribute to our theme: Growing Green Cities.

    Within this context, four sub-themes are explored:

    Green: Parks – vertical green on buildings and green structures make cities more attractive and resilient;

    Food:Food habits, -production, -waste, -safety and food security solutions;

    Health:The contribution of green structures to a healthy living environment as well as the
    contribution made by green spaces to the physical and mental vitality of the citizens;

    Energy:Finding solutions to address sustainable energy, heat stress and climate adaptation, as well as the contribution of green spaces for a liveable city.

    Food production plays a major role in the green city of the future. The question is, what role can agriculture and horticulture play in accelerating this vision? The Netherlands is the second largest food producer worldwide, which is special given its small area for growing. This makes the Netherlands a hotspot for potential agricultural and horticultural innovations.

    Floriade will open its doors for six months from: April-October 2022.

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08 Sep 2017 Exhibition - The Other Architect
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06 Jul 2017 Handel met Canada en de voordelen van CETA
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22 May 2016 Trade Mission: Toronto & Winnipeg
18 May 2016 Blue Cities 2016
09 May 2016 Flavours of British Columbia
19 Apr 2016 Annual General Meeting Only
19 Apr 2016 Annual General Meeting & Air Canada Company Visit
02 Feb 2016 Building your Business in Canada: Opportunities in Soft Landing

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