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Canuck and Accuflex, a CETA success story: It is just the beginning!

17 Jan 2019 00:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On Tuesday December 4th, the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) visited the plant of Accuflex in Guelph, Ontario. This visit was to celebrate the collaboration between the Canadian company Accuflex and NCCC Member Canuck from the Netherlands.

Consul-General Anne Le Guellec and Director NFIA Jaap Slothouwer, along with delegates from Global Affairs Canada and the City of Guelph visited the facility of Accuflex. In the morning the group attended presentations of Canuck and Accuflex about their collaboration and the positive impact CETA has on their cooperation. After enjoying a lunch, Greg Eston of Accuflex and Don Paauwe of Canuck showed guests around the facility and explained the production process.

Canuck and Accuflex

Accuflex is a leading edge thermoplastic hose and tubing manufacturer and uses raw materials from the area. Accuflex provides a flushable dual barrier system that protects beverages from cross-tastes and other off-tastes.

Canuck is the Dutch market leader for dispensing equipment for beverages.

In Canada, usually the core business is in soda and in Europe the focus is more on beer. The market has changed and new beers make the high quality tubes preferable. Accuflex is delivering its products in Canada and in the US. Canuck is working mostly in Europe and in the Middle East.

Canuck and Accuflex deliver products of high quality and for the long term. Canuck has the connections and the good reputation in the business and Accuflex provides for the high quality of services and products. The implementation of CETA has facilitated this cooperation.

Exchanging knowledge and network

This partnership has been mainly established due to the direct benefits of CETA. The cooperation between Canuck and Accuflex is a true CETA success story.

Canuck was interested in working with Accuflex as it gave the Dutch company easier access to the to North American market. Accuflex was interested in Canuck as the Dutch business can help the Canadian company to conquer the European market.

The Netherlands is also used as a gateway to Europe. Both businesses occupy an unique place in the market and benefit from each other and can expand thanks to CETA.

Accuflex tried to established itself in Europe a few years ago, but with the tariffs and trade barriers of that time, their prices were too high to be competitive on the European market. Now thanks to CETA tariffs and trade barriers are not an issue anymore and Canuck and Accuflex can easily work together and exchange their knowledge and network.

CETA makes the cost aspect more attractive for the European market. Accuflex is now competitive in Europe and both businesses currently also focus on being more sustainable.

Accuflex and Canuck have been working together for 20 years but it is only with the introduction of CETA that they decided to intensify their cooperation. For Accuflex it is now easier to compete in the EU market and for Canuck the North American market is easier to access.

CETA opens new business possibilities

Both businesses stated that this is just the beginning of their cooperation.

The fabrication takes place in Canada but in the future they are not excluding the idea of opening another production site in Europe. This is only an example of the possibilities facilitated by CETA. Accuflex and Canuck help with providing more jobs in both countries, more profit and they are both expending in Canada and in Europe.

Accuflex will help Canuck to gain a stronger foothold in the Canadian market. Canuck will help Accuflex to expand its activities in Europe. Besides, the American market is also more accessible for both businesses as the pieces are made in Europe, assembled in Canada and then shipped to the US. Canuck and Accuflex are working together and expanding into the European, the Canadian and also the American market.

The companies pointed out that Canadian businesses are less aware of CETA than European companies, probably because of their (main) focus on the US and on the USMCA. That is why sharing this success story is helping raising awareness of the benefits of CETA.

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