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  • 25 Mar 2019 15:52 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    PSV will join forces with some big Dutch companies next summer to start an innovative co-operation. ASML, Philips, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, VDL Group and Jumbo Supermarkets will commit themselves as premium partners of PSV under the name of Metropolitan Region Brainport Eindhoven. They will collaborate in the field of innovation, vitality, entertainment, development and recruitment of talent. All parties share the ambition to put the Eindhoven region on the map as global leader in knowledge, high-tech development and innovation.

    “This is a first in the history of top sport. We will create a new ecosystem and the way we will do it is characteristic of the interconnection in this region”, says PSV General Manager Toon Gerbrands. 

    Appeal of the region

    Speaking on behalf of the partners, Henk Valk, CEO Philips Benelux, says: “All companies in the region help to build Brainport Eindhoven as a leading world class and innovative top technology region. We all have one big challenge: to attract and retain the right talent. On top of that we want to invest in the business climate and the health of employees and inhabitants so that we can strengthen the national as well as international appeal of the region. By joining forces we stand strong internationally.” Valk insists that PSV is more than football. “PSV unites”, he continues. “The club has won the hearts and minds of many people in the region, throughout the Netherlands and all over the world. Philips, ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkets and VDL Group are all flourishing businesses and are among the top performers and specialists in their own field. We find inspiration from a shared past and together we will make the future. We will be able to reach a wide audience by means of this innovative collaboration.”

    Innovative collaboration

    PSV’s Commercial Manager Frans Janssen is a happy man: “This is the result of an extensive and constructive co-operation. Our current main sponsor energiedirect.nl informed us nearly one year ago that they would move their logo to the back of the PSV shirts from 1 July. We immediately got in touch with Brainport Eindhoven and told them this was an opportunity for them to adjust a traditional sponsor concept to a more innovative collaboration, which would enable more parties to participate. We create a genuine, tangible added value under the flag of Brainport Eindhoven to the companies, their employees and everyone concerned in the region.”

    Several examples

    Several projects have been launched the past few months that underline the strength of the new partnership. Thus PSV introduced a vitality wellness programme called PSV+, which is used by ASML employees, while PSV teamed up with Jumbo to start a Foodcoach programme. Philips and PSV have joined hands in the domains of health care quality and innovation. The sports performance centre at De Herdgang training ground, which will be realised in the next few months, is an ambitious project. PSV will serve as a crowd puller on the international stage to draw the attention to attracting the right talent and companies in the Brainport Region. The international promotion of the business climate for high tech companies is a major theme in the new cooperation for High Tech Campus Eindhoven. VDL will use, among other things, PSV’s marketing strengths to inspire people to continue to work in a technical environment. “On top of these examples, this partnership has some special characteristics”, continues Janssen. “Making a stand for the region and its inhabitants is unprecedented. Moreover, the continuation of the partnership is a special phenomenon. This is going to be an evolving partnership, which other companies with an affinity for Brainport Eindhoven are expected to join in the near future. Therefore we will no longer refer to a ‘main sponsor or shirt sponsor’, but to a premium partnership.”

    Invest in everyday surroundings

    The Brainport Foundation and the participating communities will not invest money themselves in the co-operation with PSV. John Jorritsma, Chairman of the Brainport Foundation and Mayor of Eindhoven revealed that this co-operation makes him feel proud. “PSV is an internationally renowned club and belongs to everybody. Trade and industry in the whole region work closely together in Brainport Eindhoven with the knowledge institutes and the authorities. That collaboration will bring jobs and prosperity for everyone in the region. So collaboration with PSV is a rational and clever move. Together we will see to it that the national as well as international appeal of Brainport Eindhoven will be strengthened even more, which will benefit everyone concerned.”

    Brainport Development is a Patron Member of the NCCC and is the economic development company of the Brainport Eindhoven region.

  • 15 Mar 2019 07:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Op vele manieren werken wij aan de toekomst van Zuid-Holland. InnovationQuarter hebben op dit moment maar liefst 6 open vacatures, in uiteenlopende werkgebieden.

    Senior Financial Engineer

    Account Manager Horticulture (0,5 FTE)

    (Junior) Adviseur / Analist Business Intelligence

    Transitiemanager Circular Economy

    (Senior) Business Developer Digitalisering/ICT

    Investment Manager

    Past één van de vacatures bij jou? Lees meer

  • 14 Mar 2019 11:44 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Are you a tech-savvy company, start-up or geek? Are you interested in learning about the North American tech market? Then this entrepreneurial trip to Toronto, organised by NCCC member Handelsroute, might just be for you.

    Of course, there will be an additional program as well as visiting Collision. This program will consist, among other things, of company visits and network activities.

    Project banner

    Van 20-23 mei vindt de snelst groeiende tech conferentie van Noord Amerika plaats in Toronto. Handelsroute.nl zal een ondernemersreis organiseren waarbij deze tech conferentie centraal staat, maar waar ook netwerkevenmenten, individuele introducties, marktentree informatie en bedrijfsbezoeken op het programma staan.
    Wat is Collision?
    Collision vindt dit jaar voor de 5de keer plaats, nu voor het eerst in Toronto. 
    Deze tech conferentie brengt meer dan 25,000 deelnemers uit 120+ landen bij elkaar. De eerste 100 sprekers zijn inmiddels bekend.  
    De tech conferentie brengt CEO’s, startups, multinationals, investeerders en de media samen.
    Toronto: The place to be in tech!
    Toronto e.o. heeft de grootste tech scene van Canada en is derde op de lijst van geheel Noord Amerika. Met meer dan 18.000 tech bedrijven heeft Toronto zichzelf inmiddels stevig op de kaart gezet als tech hub. Naar verwachting zal Toronto binnen 2 jaar meer technologie banen hebben dan Silicon Valley. 

    De missie vindt plaats op zondag 19 mei t/m donderdag 23 mei 2019


    Voor registratie kunt u contact opnemen met handelsroute.nl.
  • 11 Feb 2019 13:07 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, is offering a 6-month internship position at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto.

    Work environment

    The intern will support the Country Director and Assistant Director in their lead generation and project management efforts through key activities as well as provide a context to complete an internship assignment.

    You will contribute to research and potential business opportunities regarding the superclusters here in Canada and how the Netherlands can benefit from these through Foreign Direct Investment. This will result in an enhanced understanding of the European investment climate while informing Canadian companies about the strengths of the Dutch investment climate. In doing so, you will closely communicate with colleagues in the NFIA network in the Americas, as well as with the NFIA headquarters in the Hague and our regional partners in the Netherlands. For more information, visit the NFIA website.

  • 17 Jan 2019 00:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Tuesday December 4th, the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) visited the plant of Accuflex in Guelph, Ontario. This visit was to celebrate the collaboration between the Canadian company Accuflex and NCCC Member Canuck from the Netherlands.

    Consul-General Anne Le Guellec and Director NFIA Jaap Slothouwer, along with delegates from Global Affairs Canada and the City of Guelph visited the facility of Accuflex. In the morning the group attended presentations of Canuck and Accuflex about their collaboration and the positive impact CETA has on their cooperation. After enjoying a lunch, Greg Eston of Accuflex and Don Paauwe of Canuck showed guests around the facility and explained the production process.

    Canuck and Accuflex

    Accuflex is a leading edge thermoplastic hose and tubing manufacturer and uses raw materials from the area. Accuflex provides a flushable dual barrier system that protects beverages from cross-tastes and other off-tastes.

    Canuck is the Dutch market leader for dispensing equipment for beverages.

    In Canada, usually the core business is in soda and in Europe the focus is more on beer. The market has changed and new beers make the high quality tubes preferable. Accuflex is delivering its products in Canada and in the US. Canuck is working mostly in Europe and in the Middle East.

    Canuck and Accuflex deliver products of high quality and for the long term. Canuck has the connections and the good reputation in the business and Accuflex provides for the high quality of services and products. The implementation of CETA has facilitated this cooperation.

    Exchanging knowledge and network

    This partnership has been mainly established due to the direct benefits of CETA. The cooperation between Canuck and Accuflex is a true CETA success story.

    Canuck was interested in working with Accuflex as it gave the Dutch company easier access to the to North American market. Accuflex was interested in Canuck as the Dutch business can help the Canadian company to conquer the European market.

    The Netherlands is also used as a gateway to Europe. Both businesses occupy an unique place in the market and benefit from each other and can expand thanks to CETA.

    Accuflex tried to established itself in Europe a few years ago, but with the tariffs and trade barriers of that time, their prices were too high to be competitive on the European market. Now thanks to CETA tariffs and trade barriers are not an issue anymore and Canuck and Accuflex can easily work together and exchange their knowledge and network.

    CETA makes the cost aspect more attractive for the European market. Accuflex is now competitive in Europe and both businesses currently also focus on being more sustainable.

    Accuflex and Canuck have been working together for 20 years but it is only with the introduction of CETA that they decided to intensify their cooperation. For Accuflex it is now easier to compete in the EU market and for Canuck the North American market is easier to access.

    CETA opens new business possibilities

    Both businesses stated that this is just the beginning of their cooperation.

    The fabrication takes place in Canada but in the future they are not excluding the idea of opening another production site in Europe. This is only an example of the possibilities facilitated by CETA. Accuflex and Canuck help with providing more jobs in both countries, more profit and they are both expending in Canada and in Europe.

    Accuflex will help Canuck to gain a stronger foothold in the Canadian market. Canuck will help Accuflex to expand its activities in Europe. Besides, the American market is also more accessible for both businesses as the pieces are made in Europe, assembled in Canada and then shipped to the US. Canuck and Accuflex are working together and expanding into the European, the Canadian and also the American market.

    The companies pointed out that Canadian businesses are less aware of CETA than European companies, probably because of their (main) focus on the US and on the USMCA. That is why sharing this success story is helping raising awareness of the benefits of CETA.

  • 15 Jan 2019 12:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Government of Canada

    Job Ref: 2684

    Job Title: Senior Investment Officer (M/F)

    Salary: 73.383 euro gross per year, plus benefits

    Term Details: This position is a LES (Locally Engaged Staff) position, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Employment for LES in Belgium.

    Level: Manager

    Location: Avenue des Arts 58, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

    Closing date for applications: 02-02-2019 At midnight UTC/GMT

    Summary of position:

    Working in the international business development team of The Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg in Brussels, Belgium, under the general direction of the Commercial Counsellor, the incumbent is an investment officer acting as the focal point responsible for liaising with companies based in the BENELUX territory to facilitate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Canada. The incumbent is responsible for the facilitation of large scale greenfield and expansion investments in Canada.

    Essential qualifications:

    Candidates will initially be screened against the Essential Qualifications relating to education, experience and language. Candidates must clearly demonstrate in their cover letter and/or CV how they meet each of these essential qualifications. It is not sufficient to simply state responsibilities. They must also demonstrate and explain how they meet the criteria, not simply list the criteria they meet.

    Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in a field related to the position, including but not limited to Commerce, Finance or Economic.

    • Ability to communicate effectively* in French (reading, writing, and speaking);
    • Ability to communicate effectively* in English (reading, writing, and speaking);
    • Ability to communicate effectively** in Dutch (reading, writing and speaking)
    *NB. Communicate effectively in French and in English is considered to be the equivalent to C1 level per the Common European framework of reference for languages.
    **NB Communicate effectively in Dutch is considered to be the equivalent to B2 level per the Common European framework of reference for languages.

    • A minimum of five ( 5) years recent* professional experience in business development or foreign direct investment attraction.
    *Five (5) years recent experience being defined as within the last eight (8) years.
    • Experience in managing client and stakeholder relationships and in providing client service support to customers/clients;
    • Experience in project management;
    • Experience in providing strategic advice, briefings, information session presentations and written reports to management and/or clients on international business issues; and
    • Experience in using social media tools for promotion and/or to generate new business opportunities.

    Rated Requirements
    The Rated Requirements relating to knowledge, abilities and competencies will also be assessed. Methods of assessment may include, but are not limited to, written examinations, an oral interview, role-play, practical tests, presentations and/or psychometric assessments.

    • Knowledge of the role of governments in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
    • Knowledge of the factors that influence investment, expansion and relocation decisions, and of Canada’s value proposition for investors; Knowledge of trends and recent developments in the Canadian and BENELUX economy.

    • Communicate effectively in French, English and Dutch, as per the level required;
    • Secure, prepare for, conduct, and provide follow-up to an investment outcall;
    • Build and sustain a network of contacts;
    • Analyze information and provide strategic advice;
    • Manage multiple priorities with tight deadlines;
    • Use social media tools for promotion and/or to generate new business opportunities;
    • Use of technology tools and data bases
    • Effective interpersonal skills;
    • Sound judgement;
    • Initiative;
    • Achievement-orientation;
    • Teamwork;
    • Client-focus orientation.

    Asset Qualifications:

    Preference may be given to candidates who meet the Asset Qualifications. Where applicable, candidates must clearly demonstrate how they meet any asset qualifications in their cover letter and/or CV.

    • A graduate degree from a recognized university (Master or Doctorate).

    Organizational Needs:

    Operational Requirements:

    • Must be able to work overtime on short notice or on occasion to attend events outside normal working hours (i.e., evenings and weekends).

    Condition(s) of Employment:

    • Candidates must have a valid work authorization covering the entire employment period. If the employment is indeterminate, the work authorization should be permanent or itself lead to a permanent work authorization.
      Before an offer of employment can be made, candidates must provide a local address as proof of residence in Belgium so that if selected, it will appear on the offer letter.
      Candidates who hold visas, electronic A-cards or non-renewable documents, such as student visas, cannot apply for this job, unless they are exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit.
      Documentation proving your citizenship and allowing you the right to work in Belgium is required upon applying.
      A reliability rating (security clearance) is required to obtain this position at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels and will be subject to audits. This rating must be maintained throughout the employment - loss of the latter employment is sufficient reason to dismiss the employee.
      Candidates must be admissible for travel abroad.

      How to apply
      Please follow the link http://wfca-tpce.com/vacancyView.php?requirementId=2684& and complete the online application form.
      Candidates are also required to upload a cover letter and CV in English or French.
      Candidates are also required to upload any document (i.e. copy of passport, proof of identity with photograph issued by the authorities of a State or other document) proving that they have legal right to reside AND work in Belgium upon applying for the position.
      Our application tool allows candidates to upload two documents only: the cover letter and the CV. Please make sure to include a copy of your citizenship document and the document proving that you have legal right to work in Belgium at the bottom of the cover letter.
      Applications which do not include all of the requested documents or information will be rejected. Paper applications or applications directly sent by email to RSCEMA.PERSONNEL@international.gc.ca are not accepted and will not be taken into consideration.
      Candidates who are unable to submit their application due to technical difficulties must report these to:
      RSCEMA.PERSONNEL@international.gc.ca prior to the closing date. Failure to do so will result in the application being rejected.

    Area of selection:

    This selection process is open to candidates who, upon applying, can legally reside and work in Belgium, who meet all the essential criteria mentioned and whose applications are received on the closing date. Please note that the Embassy of Canada to Belgium does not sponsor work authorizations directly or indirectly. The Government of Canada applies the principles of equal opportunity under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada. See “conditions of employment” and “important notes” sections for additional details.

    Important Notes:

    • Only applications submitted in one of the official languages of Canada will be accepted (English or French).
    • Communication for this process will be sent via email. It is the responsibility of the candidates to ensure accurate contact information is provided and updated as required.
    • Candidates who apply to this vacancy should include an email address that accepts email from unknown users and regularly check their email, including spam folder.
    • Reference checks will be sought for candidates that reach interview stage and may form part of the selection process.
    • Proof of educational qualifications will be required during the process.
    • The Embassy of Canada in Belgium does not reimburse any travel costs to and from interviews/exams nor does it reimburse any relocation costs.
    • Candidates requiring any special assistance in attending exams or interviews are requested to inform us.
    • The results of this recruitment process may also be used to establish an eligibility list of qualified candidates for similar openings at the Embassy of Canada in Belgium which might arise in the 12 months following the completion of this recruitment process.
    • If you have any questions at any stage of the recruitment process, please contact us, only by sending an email to the following address : RSCEMA.PERSONNEL@international.gc.ca

    Visit here to apply.

  • 18 Dec 2018 13:40 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Bedrijven en instellingen uit de Nederlandse tuinbouwketen onderzoeken de mogelijkheid om een onderzoeks- en demonstratiecentrum te ontwikkelen aan de Dalhousie University in de Canadese provincie Nova Scotia. De universiteit is initiatiefnemer. De Nederlandse ambassade in Ottawa is nauw betrokken bij het tuinbouwcentrum, iHort Hub genaamd.

    De iHort Hub aan de Dalhousie University moet de ontwikkeling in tuinbouwsector in de oostelijke provincies van Canada – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island en New Foundland & Labrador – een impuls geven.

    De overheden en het georganiseerde tuinbouwbedrijfsleven in deze Canadese regio willen graag de Nederlandse tuinbouwketen bij de opzet van dit centrum betrekken. De betrokken partijen tonen veel waardering voor de technologische en teeltkundige innovaties in de Nederlandse tuinbouw.

    Jan Westra, Priva

    Stevige contacten

    Afgelopen jaren is geprobeerd om een cluster van Nederlandse bedrijven te vormen, met financiële steun vanuit het RVO-programma Partners for International Business (PIB). Opzet was om gezamenlijk actief te worden in Canada. De vorming van het PIB-cluster is uiteindelijk niet gelukt. Wel zijn in die periode stevige contacten gelegd tussen de Canadese en Nederlandse tuinbouwketen.

    NCCC Patron Member Priva, is een van de bedrijven die belangstelling heeft om deel te nemen aan de iHort Hub. Priva is een Nederlands familiebedrijf dat wereldwijd installaties voor klimaat- en procesautomatisering aan glastuinbouwbedrijven levert. Het bedrijf is al dertig jaar actief in Canada. Jan Westra van Priva constateert dat de tuinbouw in Oost-Canada achterloopt op die in andere delen van het land.

    Onderzoek en demonstratie 

    Volgens Westra ligt de focus van het toekomstige tuinbouwcentrum op onderzoek en op demonstratie van succesvolle tuinbouwtechnologieën. Samenwerking tussen Canadese en Nederlandse kennisinstellingen, bedrijven en overheden in de iHort Hub kan volgens hem bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van de Canadese tuinbouw.

    Priva ziet ook perspectief in het centrum omdat hier onderzoek gedaan gaat worden naar gewasgroei onder koude klimaatomstandigheden. “Resultaten van dat onderzoek kunnen wij wereldwijd vermarkten. Dat geldt ook voor andere betrokken bedrijven.”

    Speler van wereldformaat

    Volgens economisch beleidsadviseur Arie Plieger van de Nederlandse ambassade in Ottawa toont de Canadese tuinbouwketen enorm veel belangstelling voor Nederlandse tuinbouwtechnologie. Hij wijst erop dat afgelopen jaren verschillende delegaties vanuit Canada Nederland hebben bezocht. “De tuinbouw staat hier volop in de belangstelling. Het land wil wat betreft voedselproductie een speler van wereldformaat worden. Voedselveiligheid, circulaire productiemethoden en precisielandbouw staan daarbij hoog op de verlanglijst. Dat zijn precies thema’s waarin de Nederlandse tuinbouwketen vooroploopt.”

    Article reprinted with thanks from RVO.nl Netherlands Enterprise Agency

  • 09 Nov 2018 14:53 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Van 8-11 april 2019  organiseert NCCC Member Phaff Export Marketing samen met het Consulaat-Generaal in Miami en de Nederlandse Ambassade in Washington DC voor de derde keer een cruise-missie voor de Nederlandse food & beverage sector in Miami Florida. Aanmelden kan tot uiterlijk 1 februari 2019.


    De cruise-industrie is een sterk groeiende sector, in 2017 vierden bijna 30 miljoen reizigers hun vakantie op een cruiseschip. Een stijging van ruim 20% in de afgelopen 5 jaar. De verwachting is dat de stijgende lijn van de laatste jaren zich doorzet (3.3% in 2018). Op dit moment varen er ruim 470 cruiseschepen in de wereld. De grote cruisemaatschappijen zoals Carnival Cruises, Royal Carribean, Norwegian Cruise Lines en Holland America Line bouwen nieuwe schepen om de sterk stijgende vraag te kunnen beantwoorden.


    Gedurende de missie kunt u kennis maken met vertegenwoordigers van verschillende cruisemaatschappijen.Tijdens de diverse ontmoetingen met de verschillende cruisemaatschappijen zal er een pitch moment zijn voor elke exporteur met de mogelijkheid tot uitwisseling van samples en ander (folder) materiaal.

    Naast vele afspraken met diverse cruisemaatschappijen en shipmanagement organisaties, shipchandlers en reeds ervaren Nederlandse cruiseleveranciers, brengt u ook een bezoek aan een cruiseschip. Daarnaast zal u gedurende de week kennis opdoen over de cruise wereld en hoe deze werkt qua inkoop en logistiek.


    Voor meer informatie over de missie  en registratie-informatie zie de volgende website: https://www.phaff.com/project/fb-handelsmissie-voor-de-cruise-industrie/

  • 23 Aug 2018 08:53 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Dit jaar vindt Open Monumentendag Amsterdam plaats op 8 en 9 september. Het landelijke thema dit jaar is In Europa en daar heeft Amsterdam een eigen invulling aan gegeven: tijdens de 32ste Open Monumentendag Amsterdam staat het Europese in onze stad centraal, onder de titel Typisch Amsterdams?

    De deelnemende monumenten vertellen het verhaal van Amsterdam haar Europese connecties: door handel, wetenschappers, vluchtelingen, familiebedrijven, maar ook materialen die door de eeuwen heen de stad in en uit gingen.

    In het weekend van 8 en 9 september openen drieënveertig fantastische monumenten in Amsterdam gratis de deuren voor het publiek. Daarnaast is er een verrassend programma met wandelingen, concerten, lezingen, een avondprogramma en speciale activiteiten voor jongeren.

    The Open Monuments Day Amsterdam annually explore and celebrate the city’s rich history by casting open the doors of important buildings, monuments and private homes to the public, all free of charge. The 2018 theme is ‘Typically Amsterdam?’.

    Explore Amsterdam’s rich heritage

    The historic Amsterdam buildings and monuments that will be welcoming visitors have been selected for their remarkable architecture, interiors or because they are creative spaces. Others have works of art in or on them or are connected to various trades and crafts.

    As well as the chance to explore these buildings and hear stories from people who’ve been involved with them for long periods of their lives or from other experts, there is a fantastic programme of walks, boat and cycling tours, lectures and an extensive schedule of activities for kids and younger audiences. More information visit the website.

  • 22 Aug 2018 11:40 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    It's been almost a year in the making, but it's finally here, Art Experience by KRL (AEbyKRL) will officially open its doors on August 29, 2018, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

    Last year NCCC member Karina R. Leduc and partner Henri Korevaar, decided to embark on a new adventure and follow their hearts by opening a new expo space in Eindhoven. They made it just in time for Dutch Design Week 2017 with their very first exposition, The World is my Playground, curated by Justine Kontou

    Since then, they have been working on finishing the space and seeing to the numerous details that make this space unique. 

    Located on Sectie-C, AEbyKRL will showcase art of all genres: painting, sculptures, design, art performances, dinner experiences, etc. 

    Said Karina, "We want to create a new type of gallery: a meeting place where art and experience come together. Modern, contemporary art is the main focus. We wish to help visitors discover new and existing art forms, new artists, through an experience or an exhibit. Focusing on national and international talent, AEbyKRL wants to give a new perspective on art and help new and established artists be discovered / rediscovered."

    AEbyKRL will also host corporate and private events.

Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce | Wilhelminastraat 184 HS | 1054 WT Amsterdam| The Netherlands | +31 (70) 2210 555 | info@nccc.trade 

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